Since our inception, Valenser L.L.C. has been totally

focused on building low-cost, high-quality websites.

Many web developers charge you thousands of dollars to develop a website for your business. An online presence is a requirement for any business. Not having a website could be limiting your business's potential or even be the reason it fails.


Not everyone has the skills or capital to create a customer-friendly website and Valenser is here to help. How do we make great websites at a lower cost? We utilize low or no-code website development platforms like Wix, Google Sites, and Shopify. These platforms let us rapidly develop your website while saving you money. A low to no code development process makes it even easier for you to manage your own website!

Darry White Valenser L.L.C Owner

We have faced our own struggles and we know how you feel. Our commitment to you and to everyone with an entrepreneurial spirit goes beyond a contractual agreement.

Achieving and getting ahead in life is the goal but people deserve the basics of human existence - a roof over their heads, food, and
clothing. When people have the basics, they can aspire
to achieve more.

Our Vision - We help people live amazing lives by becoming significant.

Our Mission - We are committed to providing products, experiences, tools, and motivation that enriches people's lives.

Darryl White


Valenser was born from a desire to be my own boss and to take charge of my future. I have been developing websites for my personal endeavors and I want to use those skills to help other people.